360 Degree Feedback

360 feedback provides a complete review of an employee’s skills and competencies to develop improved performance and results

Concept of a 360 degree feedback

In 360 feedback appraisals, also called multi-rater or multi-source appraisals, an individual rates his or her own performance while being rated by a collection of managers, peers, direct and indirect reports and sometimes even customers and outside suppliers. This comprehensive review provides candidates with a detailed analysis into how their behavior, actions, and attitudes are perceived by their teams and colleagues.

360 reviews are different to traditional performance appraisals because the feedback is collected from multiple sources. By comparing their self-assessment with those of their colleagues and associates, individuals gain valuable insight and an unbiased view of their own strengths and weaknesses.




HR is traditionally required to perform extensive administrative work and data processing in order to distribute and collect feedback as detailed as that required for a 360 feedback project. With SurveyShack’s online 360 feedback process, collecting multi-rater feedback becomes a simple process. Surveys are distributed and responses collected electronically. The data is instantly analysed and collated into a report that contains charts, tables, and indicators to identify positive and developmental performance issues. 360 review results are usually presented to each candidate face-to-face by management, human resources, or an external facilitator.


360 appraisals can be conducted at every level of an organisation and are proven to be extremely beneficial to managers and leaders. 360 reviews can be used as stand-alone interventions but are often more powerful when integrated as part of a comprehensive performance management and development strategy

Taking your multi-rater feedback process online offers a multitude of benefits. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at exactly how the system works.


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