Event Feedback Surveys

Exhibition-300x190There are two levels of event feedback where the SurveyShack system can provide a cost effective means of interacting with attendees.


A successful tradeshow, exhibition event, conference or corporate event is sure to provide good volumes of follow-up opportunities. Using the SurveyShack questionnaire feedback system, exhibitors can deploy a follow-up survey to all attendees simultaneously via email. Using our mobile survey capability, the surveys can even be deployed while the event is running to obtain instant feedback from attendees as they participate in the event.

The questionnaire could ask questions that qualify attendees and request their opt-in to receive follow-up communications, as well as contain information that continues with the promotion of products and services. The data is collated and reported on automatically, thus presenting the exhibitor with a list of high potential leads for follow-up within only days of the event.

Event Organisers

Ensuring exhibitors and attendees alike were satisfied with the running of an event is paramount to maintaining future participation and attendance. SurveyShack can carry out this vital follow-up swiftly and professionally.

Providing sound attendance statistics often requires follow-up with attendees also. The SurveyShack system can easily cater for fast and hassle-free surveying to gather their feedback.

Benefits of using SurveyShack for Event feedback:

  • Flexible Survey Platform – adaptable to any corporate design, questionnaires are easily created and modified whenever this is required
    Fast – large numbers of respondents can be accessed all at once via email and the data is all collated and reported on automatically
    Hot Alert – a system which instantly raise an alert when poor customer satisfaction feedback is received
    Hands-On or Hands-Off Project Management – let us do all the work using our Managed Service or run you own survey projects using your own licensed online feedback tool account

What typical costs are involved in an event survey

The cost of designing and running customer satisfaction research depends on the design and scale of the process. Our team of consultants can guide you through the options and provide a fast cost estimate.

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