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hr-consultants1Our feedback technology lets HR Consultants take their development to the next level

SurveyShack partners with HR Consultants by providing the most advanced technology solutions for surveys and feedback. We provide the technology and support for your consulting services, removing the administrative burden and giving you the time to focus on the high value tasks like coaching and development. Many online 360 providers are rigid, with fixed frameworks; SurveyShack’s flexible technology and customised services are anything but rigid.

Complete Customisation: Questions, content, reports, and survey format are all designed to match your requirements.

  • Full Branding and Logo Options: The only brand clients and participants will see is yours or you can co brand with your client or use their brand. Our brand is completely invisible. All correspondence to participants, including invitations and results, will appear to come directly from the you or your client.
    Professional Service: We represent your company as if it were our own.
    Hands-Off: We manage all aspects of administration from set-up, distribution, follow-up with non-responders, result collection, to collating data into a ready to analyse report.
    Custom Built Software: Our products are so flexible it will feel as though they are designed specifically for your business, but at a fraction of the cost.
    Reusable, Custom Questionnaire Templates: Consultants have the option of using our questionnaire templates, a pre-existing template of their own, or working with us to design a new template from scratch. And once your template is set-up, you can use it again and again.

Flexible Product Options for Consultants:

  • Managed Service – Reports can be used as a diagnostic tool for consultants coaching services.
    Automated Self-Managed and White Labelled System – We host and support the 360 system for you and provide on-going development upgrades either proactively or upon demand at an additional cost.

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