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stategy-mind-map-300x259Tools for HR Professionals and Executives to improve performance management and achieve results

SurveyShack’s customisable software is designed to be a human resources technology tool. Feedback and internal communications are a vital part of any organisation’s human resources programme. The opportunities for training, development and performance management are endless when the right feedback is available.

Whether you need to carry out detailed staff appraisals, 360 assessments or Training Needs Analysis, SurveyShack provides the technology and solutions to make data collection efficient and effective.

Here are a few examples of areas where our survey solutions provided highly beneficial feedback:

  • 360 Feedback
    Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
    Staff Attitude Survey
    Executive Coaching
    Performance Appraisals
    Leadership and Management Appraisals
    Employee Exit Interviews
    Safety Studies
    Stress and Well-being Assessments
    Commitment and Loyalty Measurement
    Event Planning

Read more about our survey technology to learn how SurveyShack can improve your employee feedback process.

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