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SurveyShack’s online survey software does not require any loading of software onto your local computer to operate – it’s all done online. There are no issues with computer system compatibility or IT policies. All you need is a computer with an internet browser.

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The software has a wealth of features for:

  • Creating online surveys, questionnaires, forms, polls and quizzes
    Distributing invitations and links to any number of people via a wide range of options
    Capturing feedback from any number of people via a wide range of mediums
    Reporting on the data in numerous insightful ways

No matter how small or how large your requirement, the software we offer can easily scale to any size and you have the choice to do it yourself with your own licensed account or we can do the work for you as a managed service.

We also offer custom application development, which can make use of the software to provide you with a very specific solution to your feedback and reporting business process needs.

Some of the other general advantages of our online survey software include:

  • Security of data – independently stored and backed up on our secure online servers
    European-based data hosting – ensures your data storage is compliant with all EU legislative requirements
    Accessible 24/7 – your projects can be run and the data downloaded from any web enabled computer anywhere in the world
    Simple data downloading – a few clicks and your data can be stored on your own computer hard drive
    Sharing of project information – you can also allow your colleagues to view your projects ‘live’, anywhere worldwide if required.
  • Free Upgrades – everyone benefits from system enhancements, upgrades and the addition of new features

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your online survey requirements, contact us or call free on 0808 909 8035.

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