Our Panel

business-people-300x186SurveyShack’s online panel of respondents are committed, engaged and always available to answer your questions. As part of their registration process, our panel members’ demographic details are accurately recorded, meaning large groups of panelists can be targeted according to your demographic profile specification.

SurveyShack’s online panelists are compensated for their efforts and all this is taken care of for you. In exchange, our panel members deliver feedback that truly reflects the general population on whatever topic or area of interest you may wish to research fast! Some of our straightforward sample targets have been achieved in mere hours.

Who are the Panelists

SurveyShack can provide access to millions of respondents in panels across the UK and more than 70 countries worldwide. We can speak directly to consumer and specialist sector panelists of all ages, languages, likes and dislikes in millions of households worldwide.

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