Product or Service Feedback


Product or services feedback is often not carried out due to the apparent complexity or cost of monitoring the market. Some product managers assume that their product or service is meeting clients’ expectations and fail to actively monitor how it is truly performing. New competition can be eroding market share, alternative products can be outperforming yours, or the market’s needs could be shifting away from its traditional position.

The SurveyShack online survey system takes all of the hassle out of setting up and managing product or services feedback programs.

Using proven questionnaire design techniques that can also include graphics, sound or video media, many aspects of your product and/or service can be tested for, including:

  • Pricing strategies
    Sales channel strategies
    Market share
    Brand awareness
    Emerging market opportunities
    Competitor activity
    Product design feedback
    Packaging design feedback

Questionnaires that follow your own branding design can be created easily using the intuitive online design tools. SurveyShack can also provide you with ready-made response panels of consumers or specialist B2B sector respondents to carry out your market feedback testing with.

You can manage your own online surveys using your own licensed survey tool account, or let our team of experts set everything up and manage the project for you using our Managed Service.
Benefits of using SurveyShack for Product Feedback and Consumer Marketing Research:

Flexible Survey Platform – adaptable to any corporate design and questionnaires are easily created and modified
Assured impartiality – specialist questionnaire design techniques ensures respondents are not influenced in any way
Fast – large numbers of respondents can be accessed with relatively little effort and the data is all collated and reported on automatically

What typical costs are involved?
The cost of designing and running product or service evaluation surveys depends on the design and scale of the process. Our team of consultants can guide you through the options and provide a fast cost estimate.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your product or service feedback, contact us or call free on 0808 909 8035