About YourView-19
  • YourView-19 - Working From Home Pulse Feedback Tool

    YourView-19 - Working From Home Pulse Feedback Tool

    Supporting Performance Excellence in Challenging Times

    The right actions now will enable people to do their best work in difficult circumstances and this will build trust, loyalty and engagement. 

    To do this, we need to know how people are feeling, what challenges they face, and what actions we can take to increase their engagement and overall sense of wellbeing and support. Organisations that don’t act, or leave this to chance, risk a disconnection from their people that will be hard to recover from, with damaging and potentially long-lasting commercial consequences.

    • Everything has changed and we still need people and organisations to perform
    • We need insights to understand the emerging performance drivers and barriers
    • We need action to enable and support performance excellence
  • What YourView-19 explores

    What YourView-19 explores

    YourView-19 explores topics that relate to performance, with a focus on establishing and maintaining high performance during change, uncertainty and when working remotely.  The insights include:  

    The Organisation

    • Providing appropriate technology
    • Supporting flexibility
    • Keeping people informed
    • Signposting support

    The Leadership

    • Providing clarity of expectations
    • Helping people to feel valued
    • Creating a supportive environment
    • Empowering the team

    The Individual

    • Adjusting to home working
    • Connecting with the organisation
    • Balancing home and work demands
    • Enjoying the work

     The Priorities

    • Three things that are causing the most difficulties, and, Three things that could make things better.
  • How it Works

    The Process is simple and therefore easily repeatable for as many 'Waves' as may be required:                                                                                          

    Process Infographic.png

  • How the Tool has Been Developed

    How the Tool has Been Developed

    YourView-19 has been developed using an evidence-based approach with ‘best available’ evidence as described below:

    • Review of the scientific literature on engagement, remote working, work-life balance, wellbeing and organisational change.  This enabled identification of key themes that were likely to be impacting people in the current climate.
    • The academic themes were then discussed and explored with a group of 5 practitioners and a review of the recommendations of professional bodies.  They were asked to reflect on the current challenges being faced by home-workers and to suggest which they felt were the most important themes. They were also invited to suggest potential questions able to capture these themes.
    • A draft survey was developed using these items and themes as reviewed against existing validated surveys and evidence on good survey design and discussed with stakeholders representing new home-workers (10), established homeworkers (10), HR Directors (3).  Conversations exploring the relevance and clarity of each question, the potential data that would be collected and the ability of the organisation to respond to arising issues provided for the fine tuning of these questions. 
    • A pilot survey was then deployed to a sample representing different work settings and experiences.  Feedback on the respondent experience was captured and the results were discussed with an HR Director to explore their usefulness.
    • A final version of the survey was then produced.
    • As data is collected the questions will be reviewed and new versions released.
    • More detail on the survey development is available on request.

    Evidence reviewed includes:

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  • The Collaboration - Who's Behind YourView-19

    Dr. Maggi Evans – Mosaic Consulting

    Maggi is a Chartered Occupational psychologist with a PhD in talent and career.  She is the author of a highly acclaimed book on Talent Liberation.  Maggi has helped to shape the survey content, reviewing academic literature and working with stakeholders to develop robust and relevant questions that can help organisations to priorities actions to support performance excellence.  For more information see https://www.linkedin.com/in/maggi-evans-386314 

    Andy Goram – Bizjuicer

    Andy is the owner of Bizjuicer – a consultancy that believes engaged people are capable of extraordinary things.  He helps businesses light the fires within their people and exceed their goals by helping them design, align and communicate clear strategy, actionable values and a compelling brand story that the team feel proud of and connected to.  For more information see http://www.linkedin.com/in/andy-goram-3b298013

    Trevor De’Ath – Survey Shack

    Co-owner and Director of SurveyShack - a UK-based, privately owned provider of online feedback, web-based talent management solutions and automated reporting tools to global brands and SME customers. Through his highly experienced team of account managers, project managers, data analysis/reporting specialists and developers, Trev delivers outstanding solutions to the dynamic business community worldwide. For more information see https://www.linkedin.com/in/trevor-de-ath-61bab825/

     Contact us here to find out more about the YourView-19 tool and pricing options.