The SurveyShack Process

The SurveyShack Process

At SurveyShack we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible results, whether you are conducting market research through an online panel, implementing 360 Feedback appraisals, or wanting to create and manage your own online survey projects. With every client we set out to do far more than just provide research assistance, we seek to build strong, co-operative relationships that generate high-quality research results. To do that we follow a consultative process designed to help us to understand and meet your needs.

The individual steps may vary slightly depending on the type of research you want to conduct. But every project follows the same path, with the same goal; to ensure you get the best possible results.



When you undergo any form of research project, there are many factors involved and many decisions to make before you start. It’s more than choosing a cut and paste project type, you need to assess a variety of issues:

  • – What you want to know.
    – Who you need to ask.
    – How you will gather the information
    – How the results will be used.
    – What format in which to present the results.

At SurveyShack our first job is to understand your needs. So we always start with a no-obligation consultation to discuss what you need and how we can help. In this consultation we apply our technical expertise, our know-how and our vast experience in staff appraisal applications and online research delivery to find the best solution for your research needs.


Once we have defined your needs, we can get to work on designing your project. Following on from our consultation we will recommend a method for conducting your project, including a probable cost and budget outline.

This plan will be built entirely around your needs. Whether you want to take full control over your project or take a low-touch approach and hand the operation over to our in-house experts, we will adapt to your needs. At the planning phase our goal is to find a solution that will provide you with the most effective results in the most time and cost-effective manner.


Depending on your solution preferences, we will take as much or as little part in the implementation of your solution as you require. Our consultants are always on hand to provide advice, support and assistance whenever you need them.

We also provide licensed white-labeled solutions that allow you to include your own branding and create your own surveys that provide a unique look and feel to your business.

Each of our solutions operates through a secure online portal that you can access from any web-enabled device. Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day so you can be sure your research project will always be accessible, wherever you are.






Like the implementation phase, we can take as much or as little part in your research as you require. Our experts have years of experience in a variety of research disciplines and can provide in-depth advice on how to get the best out of your results.

Alternatively, you may choose to manage the analysis within your organization. Our online tools provide management information that allows you to monitor live results as they come in. With fully customizable reporting tools and dashboards, you will be able to assess your findings in whatever way you need.






The final phase of any project is the delivery of the final report. Our solutions give you the flexibility of style and customization options to create bespoke reports designed to meet your research needs and reveal the insight within your data, all according to your organisation’s branding and style requirements.

As the final reports are being created, or delivered if SurveyShack manage your research, our experts remain available to discuss your needs and adapt your reports to create the most effective report of your project results.


We know how important your project is to you and your business and we always provide you with at least two points of contact: your project manager and your account manager. You are able to talk to us at any stage in the process as we understand that communication is vital to a successful implementation. In addition to any ad hoc communication, we will also formally provide reports and management information periodically throughout the process. We are pleased to say that many clients comment on our friendly open style of communication and have remained with us for many years.




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