Why Use Online Panels?


idea-light-bulb-300x199Willing and available respondents are vital to the success of any consumer research project. Online panels are pre-profiled and pre-recruited so when you conduct online panel research, you know your target audience is ready and waiting to answer your questions.

This means your research will be:

  • Quick
    High quality
    Cost effective

Online panel research allows you to target the specific customer or client types you most need to talk to. They offer a powerful and focused form of information gathering, which is guaranteed to garner valuable intelligence for your business.

Consumer research through an online panel is quick, efficient and cost effective

Advantages of online panel research:

  • Easy access to engaged and motivated respondents in your target market
    Survey respondents more precisely by targeting through various demographics
    Cost per response quoted in advance for effective budgeting
    Delivers results on time and within budget constraints
    Worldwide consumer research can be conducted quickly and easily
    Flexible questionnaire design
    Rapid turnaround with results available, often in mere days

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